Land Management Framework

Modules and Features Overview

Property & Rights Manager: Accurately track properties for pre-acquisition research and post-acquisition evaluation of changes.
Exploration Manager: Detailed reporting of field activities, resources, results and expenditures to meet work requirements and partnership obligations.
GIS Module: Informative online maps of tenure information and property characteristics that can interface with government warehouses and registries.
Calendar Manager: For timely and effective decision making, set due dates and alerts for events.
Cloud Service: Brings together your properties and exploration activities for secure online collaboration (no downloads, simplified user/site administration).
Advanced Filter: Create/edit/update any type of reports.
Jurisdiction Manager : Create/edit/update data and properties rights within a jurisdictions on the fly.

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    Responsive web design - looks great on all devices
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    Be mobile - manage alerts, activities, maps, dashboard
  • Configurable Dashboard

    Improve Decision Making

  • Responsive Web Design

    User-friendly and adjusts to all devices

  • Business Process Management (BPM)

    Manage and Optimize Companyies Business Processes

  • Cloud Services

    Effective Cloud Deployment


trueMINER Facilitates Better Decision Making

Driven by Business Process Management (BPM), trueMINER executes targeted exploration activities organized by properties and tenures consolidated within one centralized application. The trueMINER dashboard provides dynamic updates and summaries for your entire portfolio at a quick glance.

trueMINER is designed by Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd., a leader in electronic permitting, e-Government and GIS software solutions world-wide.

As a land management software for resource-based exploration projects, trueMINER features consistent management oversight of property value creation, regulatory compliance, option agreement obligations, permit requirements, automated workflows, geospatial integration for optimized decision making, financial commitments and stakeholder relations through informative and reliable dashboard summaries.

Our advanced framework allows for a fast and efficient implementation of land management systems for resource-based industries.

Our framework picks up where most software frameworks end; it provides advanced tenure life cycle monitoring and management. It delivers critical reporting and notifications of tenure financial and legal obligations to maintain tenures in good standing. This is the foundation on which innovative property development and value creation are based.

Our property management scenarios enable comparative assessments of properties (tenure groupings) based on the interrelationship of current geological analyses, regulatory compliance status, agreement provisions, exploration options, permitting requirements, financial arrangements and stakeholder consultations.

trueMINER is a cloud-capable application which does not assume any specific infrastructure dependency and is based on service-oriented architecture. We develop applications that operate across device platforms, especially for purpose-specific devices (portable/mobile technologies), and away from Desktop specific usability. Being in the cloud means greater flexibility in how and where your team operates.

Cloud-based applications allow for flexibility in infrastructure costs and increase business interoperability. We are working to expand trueMINER cloud services: please contact us for any questions about our cloud subscription.

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