Now you can do more in less time, by quickly linking the Rights to be imported from file to one or more existing system Properties.

We’ve introduced the new feature for the Rights import function as a powerful alternative to the manual assignment of Rights to Properties. This function already provides a robust tool to allow the import of a large volume of Rights into the system all at once from Excel files, resulting in a fast information transfer and an easy subsequent amendment of the imported or current content.

What’s NEW?

From a Land Management perspective, the newly released feature simplifies the assignment of a large number of titles from file to an existing Property profile. If you are a Land Manager who is keen to optimise the Rights’ assignment workflow, this improvement will save you time by switching the task focus from individual record creation, which can be a time-consuming process, to managing and updating records. You can import massive amounts of data and automatically assign all the imported Rights to any number of existing Properties.

The new function is the result of trueMINER’s commitment to providing advanced features to simplify information exchange for land management worldwide. This is a great improvement from the previous manual allocation of Rights to Properties, with very few user-friendly steps to complete for streamlined information transfer at your fingertips.

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