As of September 2020, trueMINER (tM) unveiled the USA jurisdiction configuration! Now, tM provides a comprehensive and wide configuration of rights, permits, agreements, lease types and custom reports for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Notice of Intent in the U.S. 

What’s NEW?

Already preconfigured the USA jurisdiction configuration, this new addition to trueMINER smart cloud solution of jurisdictions is growing. Our resource-based clients appreciate the clever and comprehensive features that make a substantial difference to their day to day work. trueMINER’s unique calendar function will surprise you – set recurrence or personalize reminder – as we maintain our focus on investing into new technologies, leverage and expand upon the high profile resource-based industry.

The new trueMINER USA jurisdiction configuration complies with reporting requirements and regulatory with respect to land administration for the Bureau of Land Management Notice of Intent in the U.S.

Our U.S. trueMINER’s users acknowledge the new configuration solution’s merits in simplifying their work from customizable reports to editable property geometry, map configuration layers, renewal and transfer rights, permits, agreements, leases types and many more.

Furthermore, importing client’s content of rights / titles data and geometry from ESRI ArcGIS Online is safe and simple. The GoFetch button is in charge of this task and tracks the unpatented mining claims for our clients in U.S. This enables seamlessly secure connection in tM for our clients to empower collaborative work.

Things don’t just happen if we don’t look for opportunities, innovation and improvements, that’s our continuous leadership commitment: designed, delivered, deployed and extended trueMINER cloud software.

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