While the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet won,  we see that a new reality is coming. This is the next normal companies and society are preparing for.

After a massively stressful 2020, 2021 came with huge challenges to accelerate digital business transformation and sustainability while increasing agility and resiliency. The pandemic has dramatically increased the speed at which digital is fundamentally changing business. The future will belong to companies that put technology on top of their agenda, but also the extra-care for their employees. Our Team Challenge – Stay Fit & Healthy powered by Charge Fitness means technology at it best that strongly supports a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.

As we care about our team’s well-being we early on have embraced the path to a healthy lifestyle and we also brought it at the office as part of our internal culture.

Starting of the presentation at the PGTS headquarters in Victoria, BC

Andy Lang, President of Pacific GeoTech Systems (PGTS) and trueMINER companies is continuously focusing of embedding the work-balance lifestyle within the organizations he’s working with. 

Andy Lang, President of PGTS and trueMINER
Andy Lang, President of PGTS and trueMINER

It is a fascinating time for IT and Software Development industry to stay healthy and fit. Since I am a strong promoter of a healthy lifestyle I made sure I’m creating a Positive Challenging environment to encourage our team to embrace a healthy lifestyle through technology. With Charge Fitness – a new 20min workout approach that we introduced to our employees, we wanted to support them stay fit and healthy, organized, and balanced, but in less time! New energy and a healthier approach.

PGTS and Charge Fitness staff.

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