Who We Are & What We Do

In a nutshell, trueMINER Software Inc. offers full-cycle development consultancy services and is a software development company specialized in land management solutions for the private sector. We are one of Canada’s top land management app development companies: we design, develop and maintain frameworks or other software components for companies operating within the natural resource sector. Our customers range from startups to major enterprises that wish to streamline their land management workflows, automate various processes, and improve their overall productivity.

The trueMINER (tM) solution is a comprehensive and centralized land management platform that enables companies to remain competitive in a technologically changing business environment. (tM) seeks to accomplish its mission by combining our team’s extensive knowledge of jurisdictional frameworks with the latest technologies – Cloud, Esri ArcGIS integration, Business Process Management (BPM) – and empower clients to rethink the way they are doing business.

The automation of critical processes such as the monitoring of obligations, the streamlined integration with other systems, the scalability of our solution and its secure centralized data management for remote team collaboration and informed decision making are some of the key features that allow companies to spend less time in managing the existing processes and resources to shift the focus on strategy, expansion and growth.

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How We’re Different

Drawing on our team’s experience in developing systems for regulatory agencies, we have acquired a deep understanding of the jurisdictional requirements, which can be frequent and complex; therefore, trueMINER was born to support the industry exploration and production element, as well as to use our experience with digital solutions in addressing the industry challenges for resource-based companies so they can improve their processes, keep up to date with their government obligations and track complex exploration activities.

tM’s already configured interfaces for specific jurisdictions can be further customized without additional coding to match your unique business requirements through a key module specifically designed for this purpose. The system’s adaptability is also powered by the latest technologies to allow your business to scale on demand based on market fluctuations or to seamlessly integrate with other systems to incorporate new data and ensure that all your information is centralized for participatory planning that involves all relevant stakeholders.

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Our Promise

The benefits of using online solutions are undeniable; however, we also recognize that going digital is not an easy decision, as one size does not fit all. It is important to consider how the solution will meet your organizational needs and how to address change management. With our proven track record, we know how to strike this balance, and we will work alongside your team to deliver the most cost-efficient and effective solution, tailored to meet your unique business challenges.


Our team is focused on customizing the trueMINER solution to address the specific needs of our clients, while also prioritizing compliance, efficiency, and sustainability.

We work closely with companies to understand their specific land management requirements and challenges, including alignment with regulations, permit tracking, lease management and work reporting, and seek to reinforce their long-term strategic goals.

While we leverage the latest technologies to create state-of-the-art land management solutions, from a client’s perspective, our objective is to help mining companies manage their land assets more effectively, reduce costs and risks, and allocate more time to business development.

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