Andy Lang

Andy Lang


Jim Turner

Jim Turner

Director, Mining Expert

Barry McPeake

Barry McPeake

Director, Business Development

Eugen Toaxen

CEO & Technical Director

Viktor Dyakur

Product Manager & Senior Technical Architect

Daniela Dima

Communications Specialist, Marketing & Business Development Coordinator

Danna Castaneda

GIS Developer & Web Designer

Andy Lang

Andy Lang – President

Favourite quote: “You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can” ― Jimmy Carter

This past year marked the completion of Andy’s fifth year as the President of trueMINER Software Inc. Andy has continued to build high-performing software and platforms with a diversified business mix, empowering the team and clients, overseeing budgets, and evaluating the success of trueMINER each year.

He meets with board members and other executives to assess the direction of the company, develop short and long-term goals, plans and strategies, and oversee the company’s alignment with the mission to become a top land management framework software in Canada and internationally.

In his spare time, Andy enjoys traveling, yoga and biohacking.

Jim Turner

Jim Turner – Director, Mining Expert

Favourite quote: “The journey of life has many mountains. It’s not what’s on the other side that matters, it’s the path you took to overcome the obstacle of the mountain.”

Jim is one of Canada’s foremost mining cadastre experts. His extensive work experience spans over 25 years of consistent, successful delivery of quality services in client consultation and project management for the mining industry. He maintains an expert understanding of the resource-based sector, government IT processes, consultations, financial management, reporting and policy formulation, and has worked with all levels of government across Canada and internationally to implement complex online mining cadastre solutions since 1998.

Previously, he has owned a resource-based surveying company, and subsequently worked for the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines as a Titles Inspector and a Project Manager. He was also a project manager for Per-Can Minerals and the Metals Public Sector Reform in Peru, and has led the successful implementation of numerous online mining cadastres in various Canadian provinces and abroad. His latest achievement was the successful delivery of ANNA Minería in Colombia in 2021 – one of the largest-scale mining cadastres implemented by our team internationally.

This combined perspective of thorough industry knowledge and IT experience has shaped Jim’s approach to managing the design and configuration of trueMINER to suit the client’s business model. In his view, resource management systems are a critical part of the governance and regulation of the mineral resources of a jurisdiction, which can make an important and significant contribution to economic and employment growth, especially for local communities.

Jim’s interest in land began at an early age, exploring old mine sites and bottle digging.  He has always been an active outdoorsman who enjoys climbing, hiking, bowhunting, skiing and mountain biking with his dog.

Barry McPeake

Barry McPeake – Director, Business Development

Favourite quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ― Albert Einstein

Barry currently serves as Director of Business Development and has been engaged in the IT industry for over 30 years defining, developing and delivering enterprise systems for large and medium sized businesses. While previously he has founded successful companies and acted as a consultant to others, his present role is to collaborate with current and prospective clients to understand and clearly articulate their business requirements and to define the technical business solutions – processes and technologies — often at detailed levels that serve as guidance and instructions to technical architects and programmers for execution and oversight.

In addition to his business development skills, Barry has almost 25 years of concurrent experience as a consultant with First Nations developing practical economic, resource and employment development initiatives and solutions.

Barry’s interests are very diverse, and range from gardening, cooking, biodiversity and climate change, politics and finance, to AI and neuroscience, physical fitness and cell biology, to name just a few.

Viktor Dyakur

Viktor Dyakur – Product Manager & Senior Technical Architect

Favourite quote: “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that clients want done” ― Tim O’Reilly

Viktor Dyakur is a seasoned Product Manager and Senior Technical Architect with over 26 years of experience in the dynamic IT industry. Viktor’s expertise extends as a fully-trained engineer, driven by a passion for crafting exceptional products and empowering teams to excel in their roles. As a lead designer behind the innovative trueMINER framework, he’s also a go-to resource for cloud-hosted support, specializing in Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementations.

Known for his technical prowess, Viktor excels in technical design, strategic planning, deployment performance tuning, and recovery procedures for mission-critical business systems. In addition, his remarkable communication skills and proven track record of delivering complex electronic land permit-based systems make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Outside the tech world, Viktor enjoys travelling, playing soccer and exploring the tranquility of Tai Chi.

Daniela Dima

Daniela Dima – Communications Specialist, Marketing & Business Development

Favourite quote: “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” ― John F. Kennedy

A well-rounded communications specialist with over 8 years of work experience in IT, Daniela has a technical background in system testing coupled with a strong education and teaching skills in Humanities. Her extensive practice in testing complex mining cadastre solutions has resulted in a keen eye for detail and a solid understanding of user experience, which in turn have enabled her to break down technical concepts into user-friendly language for communications and training tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Her hands-on knowledge in system testing and language teaching helps her bridge the gap between business requirements and technical software features; she can translate the solution’s value and benefits in plain terms for marketing purposes, while successfully approaching client training and product communications from a non-technical user perspective.

She loves to travel, read world literature and learn new languages, and is able to communicate effectively with people from various cultures.

Danna Castaneda

Danna Castaneda – GIS Developer & Web Designer

Favourite quote: “Maps are a way of creating order out of chaos, and of making the world more accessible and understandable.” ― David McCandless

Danna brings to trueMINER a combined experience in mapping, spatial analysis, and web development and design. Specifically, she draws on her expertise as a GIS developer with several Canadian online mining cadastre solutions and the extensive contribution as a GIS analyst and technician to important projects for prominent governmental institutions.

Danna holds a diploma in Web Design and Development and a degree in Cadastral Engineering and Geodesy. Her interdisciplinary skills are invaluable to our team, as the spatial component is a fundamental element of our e-powered land management solution, and her out-of-the-box approach to technology brings creativity to problem solving.

Shortly after moving to Canada in 2021, Danna has fallen in love with Victoria’s unique blend of natural beauty and urban amenities, and she enjoys biking through the many hiking trails, parks and gardens that highlight the area’s natural charm.

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