trueMINER (tM) has just launched its brand-new module set up for the United States jurisdiction! Now, tM showcases a comprehensive configuration of rights, permits, agreements, lease types and custom reports for the Notice of Intent required by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the U.S. to streamline companies’ compliance with the fast-evolving demands of the mining sector’s federal regulatory framework.

What’s NEW?

This new addition to trueMINER’s growing list of pre-configured jurisdictions is a critical feature that makes a substantial difference to the businesses operating in the U.S. It includes complex reporting requirements with respect to land administration for the BLM Notice of Intent to help businesses keep their rights in good standing, defer the submission of annual assessment work, or conduct geophysical exploration, to list only a few examples.

Our U.S. users acknowledge the new configuration’s merits in simplifying their work through customizable reports, permits, agreements or lease types, editable property geometry, configurable map layers, easy renewal and transfer of rights, and much more. This feature is also powered by additional robust tools, such as our unique notification calendar that automates compliance with obligations by setting reminders and alerts for critical business events or personal commitments to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Furthermore, the solution has the capacity to integrate with your in-house GIS systems or take advantage of our standard ESRI ArcGIS online to view and analyze various themes and data layers for effective strategy building and decision making.

As we maintain our focus on streamlining land management through the use of new technologies, we leverage and expand upon the changing necessities of the resource-based sector to innovate, improve and bridge the gap between technology and regulations.

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