Our clients’ business models are as diverse as the industry or jurisdiction in which they operate. Driven by a need for centralized data access to facilitate remote team collaboration, informed decision making, and high return on investment (ROI), with an objective of automated workflows and system integration, companies choose trueMINER (tM) to help them replace time-consuming manual processes and increase their productivity and data integrity.

As our solution guarantees that trueMINER’s technology and client support will continually evolve to meet the ongoing needs of each business, we are excited to welcome Hudbay Minerals Inc. to test drive trueMINER’s land management capabilities.

Hudbay Minerals Inc. is a diversified Canadian mining company primarily producing copper concentrate and zinc metal. With operations spread out across Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Canada), Cusco (Peru), and Arizona and Nevada (United States), they are committed to creating sustainable exploration in jurisdictions that support responsible mining so that the regions and communities where the company operates would benefit from its presence. To learn more about them, visit their website at HUDBAY.

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