Building a stronger team…

To achieve the highest levels of performance, teams need to be inspired, motivated and influenced by theirs leaders.

Two months ago, trueMINER launched the Team Challenge – Charge Fitness program in collaboration with Pacific GeoTech Systems. Here at trueMINER, we support local businesses, and part of our culture is to lead by example, with empathy and care for our teams and communities.

We are currently halfway through our Team Challenge – Charge Fitness experience, and we are excited to work out together and compete while spending quality time outside of the office and taking care of our health.

It is a well-known fact that teams perform better when their confidence is boosted by great leadership and shared interests, which in turn facilitate bonding among team members.”

– noted Andy Lang, President of trueMINER Software Inc.

Team-building activities foster unity, trust, empathy, and focus on the group rather that the individual, and what better way is there to motivate us to compete? Exciting prizes and rewards, of course!

Stay tuned for our team members’ progress status during this rewarding journey!

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