Rapidly changing industry requirements like ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) require companies to take a closer look at how they are operating and managing their projects to remain cost-efficient and maximize their return on investment. How is your enterprise maintaining transparency and following prudent protocols for engagement?

Are you finding it difficult to make informed decisions because your data isn’t easily accessible or updated in real time?

In a time-pressured industry with many time-sensitive obligations, where every decision has a downstream impact, the transition from manual to digital processes has become more of a necessity than a preference, especially for companies that wish to stay on top of their game and ahead of the competition. 

Join us to find out how other industry players are using digital tools to address concerns about transparency, collaboration, and efficiency.  

With over 20 years of experience in implementing award-winning solutions for the public and private resource sector, our team of experts will share tips on how to:

  • Quickly import data from manual sources or automate data import from public government registries
  • Get ahead of your competitors and never miss another obligation or deadline through automated alerts for critical dates and tasks
  • Streamline your operational needs and discover ways to standardize workflows and processes
  • … and much more!

If you are a company with mineral holdings in Canada or worldwide which oversees all aspects of property management, tenure administration, obligations and reporting,

… then this webinar is for you!

Don’t miss out!!

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